Online Mixing FAQ

What is a mix revision?
A mix revision is a number of minor tweaks to levels or specific details within the mix, e.g. “more reverb on the vocals, less guitar, bring the level of the harmonica solo up” or “add more bottom to the kick drum, the acoustic guitar is too bright”. Major changes in direction will not be accepted as a mix revision, and will be treated as a new job. This is why we strongly encourage clients to provide as much written instruction as possible, along with a rough mix and commercially released reference song.

Will my song be mixed on the Neve desk?
Yes and no, your song will be mixed in the box but if needed, summed through our Neve VRP60.

What is a limited ‘reference’ mix?
This is a 44.1/16 bit mix (regardless of the original sample rate and bit depth) that has been limited to bring its overall level more in line with commercial releases. This file is ideal to burn to a CD or convert to MP3 as a listening copy of your song. Files will also be provided unlimited (normal mix level) at the original sample rate and bit depth; these files should be used for mastering sessions.

Will my song be mastered?
No, however Kingside have a lot of contacts with mastering studios and can provide contact and a good deal with some of them.