What we do


is located deep in the forests of Södermanland, with stunning scenery and an amazing secluded location, yet only 50 minutes from Stockholm by car. Skavsta Airport is also within easy reach and you can ride the train to Gnesta.
A house of about 135 sqm houses the studio that consists of a big control room, a large spacious recording room, and four smaller rooms. 
If the weather permits, you can of course also record outdoors – a big shot!
The rooms are large and full of natural light, with a ceiling height of nearly 6 meters in the large room, making it a joyful and inspiring recording and rehearsal environment.

We love music
Music requires inspiration, focus and time. A successful recording depends on that the interaction between musicians and the technology goes as smoothly as possible.

We know music
We have solid skills for the job and have worked with a variety of projects over the years.

Clients over the years:
Kent, Lisa Miskovsky, Patrick Wolf, Carola, Sheeba, Candlemass, Soilwork, Bo Bice, Anna Ternheim, Lars Winnerbäck, Alcazar, Sugar Plum Fairy, Moneybrother, Christian Walz, Gunilla Backmann, Amy, Per Gessle, Marit Bergman and many more …